A Day in the life of a fan

14. Juni 2004 - 14.30 Uhr


That was a huge coincidence. We don't know where Elijah is shooting. This set was only a "One-day-set".

We didn't want to stalk him, that is not our style ! He was so fair to us, so we would like to be fair to him.

Dear Elijah, thank you to spending a couple of minutes with us in your break. 

Thank your for your patience with three crazy girls. Much love and all the best! 

The three girls from Germany:

Tina, Lone und Angela 


You' ve just got to have guts. If you want anything, you can do it. If there's a way, you find out what it is. It's not too hard. If you want it, you better go out and run for it ... That is the truth - there's no doubt.

Jon Bon Jovi

Mission to Prague accomplished